Tornador Engine Cleaning Gun
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This is a tornador cleaning gun for engine cleaning.

With tornado effect and Lengthening body design, this cleaning gun can efficiently cleaning the dirt, grime on engine bay, trunk etc. where heard to reach.

With new structure metal rotation tube design, this tornador is stronger, more power and faster. 

This 4th generation tornador design.

What is new?

  1. The rotation set is inside ring bearing turning, which can reduce wear, more stable and fast rotation.

  2. New body design, make it unique and longer.

  3. New metal liquid regulator design instead of plastic handle, reduce wear and easy to control.

  4. Add a filter on the syphon tube to prevent block the liquid tube

  5. Add Wear resistant rubber on the liquid tube to prevent twisting.

  6. By clamp fixture solution instead of glue to prevent liquid tube separating the thread.

How to use tornador engine cleaning gun?

  1. Connect it to air compressor with outlet connector by air hose and put the syphon tube onto bucket with engine cleaner.

  2. Press the trigger, aiming the nozzle and clean.

  3. Clean the tornador cleaning gun by put syphon tube onto clean water,press trigger a few second to prevent the chemical block the liquid tube.

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