New Design Tornado Cleaner
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New Design Tornado Cleaner Tornador Black Z010

This is a pneumatic cleaning gun work with air compressor, and ideal tools to cleaning dirt where is hard to reach and difficult to clean.

This Tornador tools are new design which is updated model of Tornador Classic.

Here is main features updated:

  1. The body is black, looks better

  2. The nozzle(cone) is red, makes it unique 

  3. Add a hanging hole on handle, and add a hook, more hang solution options.

  4. New bottle (Jar) design, easy to handle and easy for turning in the bottle.

  5. New jar design, one hand put on trigger, other hand can handle the jar steadily when cleaning.

  6. Add wear resistant rubber on the liquid tube which can help reduce wear.

Main Specification:

1.Product Weight:0.67kgs

2.Length:32cm, Width: 13cm, Height:22cm

3.Free Rotation Speed: 3600RPM

4.Air Consumption: 120/min

5.Liquid Consumption:3.5-3.7/hr

6.Air outlet connect: EU, US, Japanese standard available

7.Pressure: 7bar

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