Cleaning Gun Tornador z020

Tornado cleaning gun polish aluminum body bearing rotation tube.

This tornador cleaning gun is metal rotation tube design, fast rotation speed and less air consumption.

By metal bearing rotation tube design also can help reduce wear, coz the rotation tube no longer touches the outside nozzle. 

all our tornador tools are equipped with filter on the syphon tube inside the bottle, which can prevent dirt spot or pellet stuck the liquid tube.

Tornador Black Cleaning Gun Features:

1.    Metal bearing rotation tube design

2.    More power and fast rotation speed 

3.    Less air consumption, less compressor requirement

4.    Liquid filter prevent stock 

5.    Equipped with two nozzles one  with brush


Main differences with others.

1. Add a wear resistant rubber on liquid tube,so it will not be twisted.

2. Add a filter on syphone tube to prevent block the liquid tube.

3. Use clamp solution instead of glue to prevent the liquid tube separating the thread.


Size details

this cleaning gun is same usage as the white nozzle with plastic rotation tube model (classic model) which can effectively clean dirt, dust, grime on fabric, carpet and also on solid surfaces.

this is a perfect tool for car detailing cleaning.


by turning off the liquid regulator, it allows user to clean car inside without spray liquid, for example dashboard, screen, AC air outlet etc.

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