Tornado Cleaning Gun

Latest Design 4Th Generation Tornado Black Cleaning Gun 

This is a cleaning gun with latest unique design, this is a new rotation metal set and new body design cleaning gun, which is powerful, efficient, comfortable to handle and easy to change the wear parts.


This tool is for cleaning cars, machines, motorbikes, trucks, fabric, matt. It can efficiently clean somewhere hard to cleaning and difficult to reach.

This tool can be used in car wash shop, repair shop and factory. With rotation effect and spray liquid and air, this tool can clean the dirt quickly and easily.

What's new compared with 3th generation tornador black ?

  1. The rotation set is a inside ring turning structure which makes more power, stronger, fast rotation and reduce wear.

  2. the new body design makes the gun longer and makes easy to cleaning somewhere hand to reach.

  3. New Liquid control regulator design which can reduce wear and easy to control.

  4. The body, nozzle(cone) and metal rotation set can be separated and all parts can be changed if broken.

What is the differences of our tornador with others:

  1. Add filter on the syphon tube to prevent blocking the liquid tube.

  2. Add wear resistance rubber on the liquid tube.

  3. Two nozzles(cones) provided, one with brush one without.

  4. Black body

Main technical details:

1.Product Weight: ≈0.8kgs

2.Size: L:32cm, W: 13cm, H:22cm

3.Rotation speed: ≈13800rpm

4.Air consuption:100-120/min

5.Liquid consuption:3-3.6/hr

6.Air connector: US, EU, Japan Standard available


8.Working environment temperature:1-60°C

9.Wash liquid: alkalescent chemical cleaner without solid impurity 

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