Tornador Black
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Tornador New Structure Bearing Z020S Supreme Model

This is a new design Tornador cleaning gun with newly structure designed, this cleaning guns is stronger, faster, lower noise, much stable and minimizing wear.

What are the differences of this new tornador?

The bearing structure is different, usually the bearing applied has two rings, normal metal rotation tube set is inside ring fixed and outside ring turning and this new rotation set is outside ring fixed and inside ring rotating, this design is more difficult to produce , but it makes the cleaning gun more stable, and reduce noise and wear.

The new jar design, one hand put on trigger, other hand can handle the jar steadily when cleaning.

New structure tornador black cleaning gun features:

1.New body design with more hooks, more hang solution for different location.

2.New bottle (Jar) design, better to handle and screw in.

3.New metal bearing design, reduce noise and wear, longer life time.

4.Add filter on syphon tube to prevent stuck the liquid tube.

5.Add wear resistant rubber on the liquid tube to prevent it twisting.

6.Applied Clamp solution to fix the plastic tube onto the screw to prevent loose.

7.Add air regulator to valve the air flow.

Main technical details of new tornador black:

1.Product Weight: ≈0.8kgs

2.Size: L:32cm, W: 13cm, H:22cm

3.Rotation speed: ≈3800rpm

4.Air consuption:100-120/min

5.Liquid consuption:3-3.6/hr

6.Air connector: US, EU, Japan Standard available


this cleaning gun is same usage as normal tornador black with which can effectively clean dirt where is hard to reach and difficult to clean.

by turning off the liquid Valve, it can be apply to clean car inside without spray liquid, for example dashboard, screen, AC air outlet etc.

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