Tornador Car Roof Cleaning Gun

This is a cleaning tool for car roof.

This tornador cleaning gun is designed to clean car roof with small jar, so it is much light and easy to hold and clean the roof with long time. 

This tornador is plastic weighted tube inside, this tool sway quickly from left to right  instead of rotation, coz it can cleaning the roof quickly.

This tool has swing amplitude controller to adjust the weighted tube, so this tool can clean different location with different clean scale.

This tornado roof cleaning gun has liquid vavle. After cleaning the roof  with cleaner, by turning offer the liquid walve, we can use this tool to quickly dry the cleaned area by air.

How to use it?

Just put interior chemical cleaner into the jar and connect it to air compressor hose, adjust the swing controller according to clean area, aim it and pull the trigger. cleaning work is done, so easy and quick.

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